Friday, December 17, 2010

Don Hutter Deadbeat Dad

Not a deadbeat Don? Can't afford to pay child support? Who paid for the new T Shirt and hat then? Loser!

Dean Tong

Does My Forehead look big in this???

Convicted abuse excuser and fathers rights campaigner Dean Tong aka "Ole Shark Eyes"

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ole Barry William's

Most radio stations hang up on ramblers, but not this guy...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Italian Fathers Rights tries to set himself alight

The video was placed on youtube to gain sympathy for fathers rights. Little is said about why he was not allowed to see the children or his aggressive behavior on live television.

Legendary Two Mothers Cartoon

The FR Google Conspiracy

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New - Shared Parenting Council Corn Flake Stats

Free Child Abuse Stats With Every Box
Made By...You guessed it! The Shared Parenting Council

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fathers4justice makes a paternity claim

Fathers 4 Justice parent claims Jacksons kids are his

Written by Not The Nine O'clock News
London: Who will get Wackos Kids? ... is the question on everyone's lips tonight, after the death of the pop prince from a heart attack yesterday.

Mark Russell of UK pressure group Fathers 4 Justice, a group which holds wacky daredevil stunts on top of buildings in superhero outfits to promote their campaign for fathers rights, has stepped forward and claimed that Wacko Jackos kids are his.

It has long been alleged, by other spurious sources, that the three children actually might not be Michael Jacksons and that they are a result of artificial insemination from another source. Russell claims that he is the man who tossed himself off into a test tube years ago when he was skint and that he is the natural father. He is even prepared to go to extreme lengths to prove his paternity

"I'll even do Jeremy Kyle's Lie Detector test live on TV to prove it" said Russell as he dangled 60ft from Big Ben wearing an Elvis Presley outfit, with the words "The ONLYKing of Pop" sewn into his Elvis cape, in a massive snub to Jackson.

"I've already done the Jeremy Kyle DNA test and that was a positive, now I'm gonna step forward and do the lie detector too. I know it's a tough call but the Fathers 4 Justice will save the day", he beamed in a superhero voice.

"If that doesn't help then I'm prepared to hijack a 747 from Heathrow tomorrow, fly it into Jacksons Neverland Ranch and land it on his front lawn. From there I'm gonna kung fu kick the security guards out the way, disable the alarm system by mind control, unlock the the two big safe doors to the west wing with a pencil, then run in to my kids and shout "Heeeeeeeeere's Daddy"

The alleged mother of two of the children, Demi Rower was allegedly heard to say "If Russell comes forward and proves he is the father, then I want compensation from someone, probably either a magazine or TV show, for him not being a wealthy enough dad. A girl needs new shoes you know"

AS news filtered through later that Jacksons Doctor was the last person with him when he died and that he had administered an injection to Jackson one hour earlier,Justice 4 Doctors Allegedly Involved In Michael Jacksons Death was formed.

Doctor Conran Murphy, the Doctor allegedly involved in Michael Jacksons death, issued a statement whilst wearing a batman outfit from atop of Nasa's Latest Moon-Walk Rocket project, - "Michael Jackson had phoned Boyz-2-Men thinking it was a home delivery service. When he was told it was a pop band, he was devastated and keeled over. I managed to resuscitate him with an injection of adrenalin, but he became so flustered later, his nose melted and choked him, I'm innocent"

The paternity suit continues....

FR Pest Control

FR are a hazardous pest, infecting laws, eating up tax payer funds and ruining Batman's image.
They may look harmless hiding inside suits, but watch what happens when we shine a spotlight:


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Women: Don't Join Mens Rights Groups

Shocking before and after animation of Sue Price. Poor Sue. She will now have to get a beard trimmer every day for the rest of her life
Before and After

Teri Stoddard seemed to grow a public hair like beard.
She now hides behind a cartoon character on her site.
before and after

Barbara Kay has also sadly grown a pubic beard after all of her misogynist writing:

Bettina Ardnt wrote a book condoning rape and suggested that women need to just "lay down" and take it.
When her beard began growing, it resembled Adolph Hitlers mustache and may have been how the term, "Feminazi" originated.